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Social Software Design Index Cards

27 Oct

We have been making our own ninja cards as a brainstorming tool for UI design and for fun of course. Here are some collections.

The fact that you can hold, point to, pass around and discuss cards brings you right away in the collaboration context. Of course you can build your own structure and the way how to use and arrange them.

A friend got inspired and created her own cards for her physical computing workshop. Here’re some photos. It’s a very cool idea. We love to see how people get inspired by these cards and extend them for their own use context.

Drop us some lines, if you’d like to share your experiences.


The Future of Play

20 Oct

Very enjoyable and inspiring keynote by David Merrill about the New Era of Physical/Digital Play at nordiCHI.

He talked about some implications of computer technology changes for HCI, fast UI is a “Must-Have” (making digital tools faster and as responsive as the real-world tools), important “undo” feature, new gesture language, extending the physicality, design for social interaction etc.

David Merrill has been working on Siftable, tiny computer blocks that can interact with each other. Siftable has been around for one and half a year already, but it’s still quite fun to watch it again, especially after his talk.

Embodied media provides not only many new UI design possibilities but also new ways of learning and playing.

Solo RPG List

17 Oct

This is a post to ourselves to keep track of links and mechanics to run Solo RPGs.

Funky Ninja

14 Oct

We had our funky pinkish ninja and we’ll share more later.

WordPress + Ruby = Awesome!

9 Oct

WordPress is a nice pretty and friendly blog system with a really user friendly backend. Sometimes you can’t build your whole site in wordpress though.. but you still need to show some of the posts that are in your worpress blog.

Or maybe you just wish to use wordpress as a nice backend data-entry system for your clients, but you want the frontend being done in plain html or ruby on rails.

We developed WpElements together with Simone. WpElements is some ruby code that maps directly to the post table of your wordpress. You can also run either a Rails or asmall Sinatra server exposing a couple of handy urls that return you the posts in JSON format. Finally you have some javascript you can put in your html page and, using a jQuery+JSONP, allows you to retrieve the data you need and map it to your page.

var wpserver = "http://localhost:4567";

    $('#latest-post .title').html(post.title);
    $('#latest-post .author').html(;
    $('#latest-post .text').html(post.body);

Get WpElements.

Valencia Snapshots

6 Oct

It’s a compact and quite vibrant city, full of sunshine and artful graffiti. Maybe we’ve been traveling too much recently, we are constantly confused this city with many other European cities.

After two hours walking, from ancient winding streets to a futuristic terrain, we finally reached the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s designed by Valencia born Architect, Santiago Calatrava, a large-scale urban cultural center for art and science which also incorporates L’Oceanogràfic, an underwater city designed by the late Felix Candela.

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Valencia Startup Monopoly

4 Oct

We are in Valencia to open a new ninja company and, being foreigners, we need a NIE, a code that allows us to be registered within the spanish system.  We spent the morning being bounced from one office to another, being given only partial information and not getting the NIE in the end.  Apparently, according to a valencia policeman (at bouncing point #3),  we must be spanish residents to be able to be shareholders of a spanish company, which cannot be true, but there was no way to get the point across the police guy.

We might get a car tomorrow and drive to some smaller village with nicer policepeople, get the NIE and get the company done, the ninja way 😉