Archive | June, 2011

Sleep is Death – an online story game

11 Jun

I just bought Sleep is Death, an awesome 2 player online story game. One player plays the GM role, while the other player is the protagonist. Every player has 30 seconds to interact and author his turn within the scene.

We are looking for more examples of online storytelling tools and we are hoping to learn from Sleep is Death and incorporate it as a tool in our MikiWiki..

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for more such games and tools!


Play by Wiki and Emergent Properties

9 Jun

I have been intrigued by the possibilities of wiki + story games for a long time.
Wikis can express powerful emergent properties that fit well with story games.

Does anybody know of any games that are played primarily by wiki and that are designed to explicitly leverage the nature of wikis? ‘Caravan’ by Emily Boss looks very promising, but I couldn’t find any real example of play.

We have also designed a wiki that can be programmed and evolved ‘from the inside’ by its users, so that as new mechanics get defined, they can be automated within the system, but I feel we need to learn more from actual play before releasing it to the community.

Any good pointer in this direction is highly appreciated!