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MikiWiki is on GitHub

16 Oct


We’ve been working on a programmable Mikiwiki for awhile, now it is on Github.

The code is still quite messy, but we hope you will find your way. At its simplest, Mikiwiki supports simple wiki pages organized in a tree structure. Wiki pages can also embed other pages as components called Nuggets. These nuggets can be programmed in javascript from within the Mikiwiki itself. All Mikiwiki pages have a FORMAT. The standard format is MIKI, but you can invent new formats. A page with a new format will contain JSON data and its format page will have format ‘javascript’ or ‘template’ and will know how to render the JSON data.

If you have trouble sleeping, you can read more in our IEEE, ACM papers and Springer book.

Feel free to post your questions. All feedback, tips and advice are appreciated.


Valencia Snapshots

6 Oct

It’s a compact and quite vibrant city, full of sunshine and artful graffiti. Maybe we’ve been traveling too much recently, we are constantly confused this city with many other European cities.

After two hours walking, from ancient winding streets to a futuristic terrain, we finally reached the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s designed by Valencia born Architect, Santiago Calatrava, a large-scale urban cultural center for art and science which also incorporates L’Oceanogràfic, an underwater city designed by the late Felix Candela.

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