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The Big List of GM-less Games – Now as a Table

10 Sep

The Big List of GM-less games has now gone on Google Docs. I am trying an embed here. If it doesn’t visualize and you are reading via a feed reader, then click to the original post.

We have now got an incredible 230 games and I need advice on how to divide them up in taxonomies. The $$ column is ticked when a game has a commercial version.

Rotating GM between different sessions.

How do I define a session? It is a period of game-play that offers closure on a number of events. Therefore the GM has full control on the unfolding of those events and doesn’t have to negotiate them with other players.

  1. In a Wicked Age (GMs rotating between different chapters/story-arcs, commercial)
  2. Beowulf (In a Wicked Age hack, published, commercial)
  3. Labyrinth and Lycanthropes (commercial) [GMs rotating between different dungeon adventures] {Dungeon Crawling, Fantasy}
  4. Bliss Stage (commercial) [The group of player characters forms a resistance cell. The GM plays a central character in the cell: the authority figure, who issues orders and plans missions. If another character takes over that role, in any number of ways, then their player becomes the GM]

Suggested GM-less play

  1. Panty Explosion Perfect (commercial)
Board-Gamish GM-less play
  1. Traveller (commercial, suggested both Solo and GM-less style, but little advice given)
  2. Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (commercial, See page 195: Playing without a DM —  This might seem to be strange advice for a Dungeon Master’s Guide, but it’s entirely possible to play D&D without a Dungeon Master. If all you’re looking for is fun and exciting combat, with no more than the barest hint of plot or purpose, a random dungeon with a random encounter deck is all you need. Someone needs to prepare the deck, and someone needs to run the monsters during the game. They doesn’t need to be the same person. All the players can decide together what the monsters do, and let the player who’s the target of an attack make that attack roll – or have the person to the left roll for the monsters. A random dungeon with no DM makes for a good way to spend a game session when your regular DM can’t play. It’s also a fun activity over a lunch hour, as long as your school or office is forgiving of a group of people rolling dice and shouting battle cries! — Pages 190-195 detail how to create random Dungeons and Encounters on the fly.)

Becoming heroes !

6 Aug


I just got my copy of Becoming Heroes directly from the authors at Transneptune Games here in Boulder, Colorado.

It’s amazing how it challenged many of my preconceptions about what should and shouldn’t work in a RPG and how the mechanics are designed to build escalating dramatic tension around conflicts. One of the most novel mechanics is the ability to modify another character’s sheet in certain ways when you win a conflict.. you don’t have an explicit damage system, but I never felt like I wasn’t risking anything, quite the opposite!

Node.js Module not found

28 Jul

I am enjoying butchering Node.js these days.
I followed installation instructions to the letter and still stuff keeps not working.

The most common error is related to node.js not finding some module.

Get this node.js !


Once again, it's ugly but it works.. just insert your node path in there. I guess eventually everything will get fixed but in the meantime I just need things to work so I can experiment with these technologies.
If you know a better way to do it, please let us know.